Monday, March 29, 2021

10 Things Serverless Architects Should Know (By AWS Architecture Blog)

It's really a good resource By AWS for people who needs to do or learn serverless architecture, so I share it here for our blog readers.

1: API and Microservices Design

2: Event-driven Architectures and Asynchronous Messaging Patterns

3: Workflow Orchestration in a Distributed, Microservices Environment

4: Lambda Computing Environment and Programming Model

5: Serverless Deployment Automation and CI/CD Patterns

6: Serverless Identity Management, Authentication, and Authorization

7: End-to-End Security Techniques

8: Application Observability with Comprehensive Logging, Metrics, and Tracing

9. Ensuring Your Application is Well-Architected

10. Continuing your Learning as Serverless Computing Continues to Evolve

Reference and deep details : 

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