Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Create SharePoint Site Template

Create SharePoint Site Template 

Way 1:

1- Site Settings ->  Site Action -> Save as Template


Way 2:
1- Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2010.
2- In Ribbon "Save as Template" 


Way 3: 

Using PoerShell

$Web=Get-SPWeb http://Servername:port/yourSite
$Web.SaveAsTemplate(“Template Name”,”Template Title”,”Template Description”,1)

- To Save With Content Data Use 1 otherwise use 0
Once you saved your site as a template, a solution file (.wsp) is created and stored in the Solution Gallery for the site collection. And you can download or activate the solution. 

1- Browse to the top level site of your site collection -> Site Settings - > Galleries -> Solutions
2- To download the solution, just click its name in the Solution Gallery.
3- You Can uploaded and activated in the Solution Gallery
Import & Export
Import-spweb –identity http://MySite:8005/SubSite/ -path D:\nady\tawasul8005.cmp
Export-SPWeb –identity http://MySite:8005/SubSite/ –Path D:\nady\tawasul8005.cmp

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